12' American Pride Flag Pole with Flag and Eagle Topper (2023)


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12' American Pride Flag Pole with Flag and Eagle Topper
Hang Old Glory with pride. This easytoassemble flag pole comes with a preattached American flag and uses a ground mount system that installs in minutes without any digging or cement. Plus, a torsion rod system means yours mounted flag flies freely and won't tangle, twist or wrap.

What You Get

3piece pole with preattached American flag
Goldtone decorative eagle
Ground mount
Manufacturer's limited 1year warranty
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The best quality construction, this has so many five-star, reviews.

This flag it's ridiculous.

We go on hsn.com it's always a customer pick.

It is at a really low price of only $79 today with all the holidays coming up.

You know, you know.

Fourth of July will be here, before, you know it.

And then of course, all the other holidays that we celebrate with Veterans Day, Memorial Day, all those days where you really really want to show your pride and have an American flag.

This is the way to do it.

What I love about, it is I don't have to worry about setting it with cement and all the rest of that stuff.

You've got aluminum construction what they call no dig grounding of the pole, which is amazing where to get to that in a minute.

But it is beautiful and atop the very top of it you'll see, there's an actual American Eagle a golden American.

Eagle finial on top.

So at this time, you know where we're spending a lot of time at home and we're trying to get our homes organized.

This is kind of a great little beacon out there to kind of let us know, it's gonna be okay and we're all gonna pull together and I just think it's.

Great, um, I, I, put an American flag in front of my house, a couple years ago and I, just, you know, it's gonna do it just for for the holidays for Memorial Day and things like that and there's like just leave it out.

I mean, it's, it's, inspirational and it's, absolutely beautiful.

But like I said, what's, really wonderful about it, is you don't have to worry about getting a pole digger and buying bags of cement and setting it and hoping it straight and all that stuff? This has a no dig way and a rear and a solid way to be able to put this anywhere.

You want in your yard.

And if you want to be portable with it and take it with you to a party or to the beach or whatever you want to do you do that as well Carrie Mobley is rejoining us.

You could tell us a little bit about this.

You know, there's a reason Carrie.

So many people have bought this flag from us and there's.

A reason why it's a huge customer pick with across the board, mostly five-star reviews, be honest with you of all of the products I've presented over the years.

This has the best reputation I mean, 4.6 stars out of 123 and over a hundred of them are five stars.

I love.

What you said, I mean, I have found that in this time of crisis in the United States, I, haven't, seen Americans come together like this in my entire lifetime.

So you want to do something, maybe you have a who just went to boot camp.

Maybe you have a dad who is in the military we would like to treat him just something special that has meaning on Father's Day.

Well, this is the way to go.

This is airplane grade, aluminum it's, 12 feet tall.

The one that died has next to him is missing one of our center poles feet, that's, not 12 feet, but more than that.

It has this torsion rod.

Now this is patented technology.

So it's never going to tangle it's, never going to twist it's always going to keep itself straightened out.

And that is something that is unheard of in flat.

You are talking about that, no dig, and you are correct.

So here's, the foundation of that all you need is a hammer.

You can see that this is substantial both in size.

And in weight, you find a place in your yard like yard backyard.

And you hammer it in down to this level right here.

And then you place your hole you pop them in one and two, you wouldn't dare see it if I put it in right now.

And then you take the plan and you pop it in now.

The other great thing is the plan already comes attached.

And this is going to it's never going to rust.

We have had customers who have had the same hole for over ten it's, right here.

So you're gonna be able to install this whole thing in about five minutes and it's going to be something that gives you such joy, yeah and I want you to look at the detail on the top of each Pole you'll, see we have the the American Eagle and I, don't know how close you guys can get there, Mikey, that's, good, right there.

So it has a beautiful American eagle on top, and with the pole that I have next to me right here.

We've only used two sections because we don't want it to be out of the shot, but it'll actually go up there's.

One more section that goes up.

So when you look at the the beauty shot that we show you that you'll see next that's, how tall it is.

So it is a traditional, you know, a 12-foot pull.

And and then you've got the flag.

The flag is actually very very large, but not so large that it won't catch the wind and show it's about 62 inches going across and I'll open this one up and show you if you do want to take it down, you just roll it up that's all you need to do, but I also love carry that if you wanted to just bring just the flag part with you, you know, like to a parade or to an event, you know, I always love doing the old flag thing you can you can do that it's aluminum construction so it's, not super duper heavy.

And you don't have to worry about it.

You know, as far as like it, you know, the bleeding over and collapsing in your yard, because you have that no dig but really deep.

But it really is beautiful.

And then you know, like we said, when you want to roll it up, you simply just do that roll it back up and it's easy.

So if you want to take it to a parade, if you want to take it to a party that you're having for maybe 4th of July it's ideal for that, it's only $79, which I think is a really really good deal.

Think about what it would cost you to have a pole set out in your yard, a 12-foot flagpole, probably cost.

You five hundred dollars at least right and doesn't, even include the pole.

Just to have somebody come out there and dig it.

You don't have to dig with this.

It allows everybody to have a flagpole.

And even if you're not one of those people that want to keep it out all the time you can just put it out for special occasions.

You know, maybe maybe it's just that maybe it's Memorial Day or Veterans that whatever whatever it is or 4th of July or New, Year's, whatever it's never it's.

Never a bad time to celebrate with the American flag.

We have ours on flex pay, it's less than $20 to get it home and it's only 750 to ship it out they're showing the install right now carry which really is very simple.

Yeah, it's really really easy.

You said, it there's, no, digging there's, no cement, which not only means that you can kind of remove it and put it in two different places in your own yard.

But like you said, you can take it.

You can put it.

You know, somebody else's house you can you can bring it to a parade.

And if you have a friend who lives on the rub, you can do that.

But one of the other things that's great about this company in your delivery there's also going to be a little slit in that pamphlet it's going to tell you exactly how to do everything it's, not complicated.

And the only reason I'm mentioning it is because there's a 1-800 number on there.

If you have any concerns, if you have any questions, if you want another one, if you want to replace it, this American company has such a wonderful reputation that they will take care of everything I, actually, tried it I pretended that I had purchased it I called.

They answered all of my questions.

They were fabulous.

They were warm and I have to say with this construction that really lightweight airplane grade aluminum.

And this torsion rod, which is patented, which means it's never going to twist it's so annoying, if you have a flag and it twists itself up, but I'm twisting it and it'll Matt, oh right so easy installation, just a great way to show your pride, maybe for those first responders, maybe for the military vets.

And like I said, if you have a son like my girlfriend, Ivy, just had her son, go off to boot camp for the Marines.

I mean, I get choked up when I talk about it, how special that must be for a mom and what a great way to show your support for what our country is going through right now.

Yeah, it really is and and remember, again, we don't have one section on this poll.

So we've got another one.

So it'll go up way up high it'll go with the it'll be the perfect height for American flag in your yard.

Yeah, obviously, don't need to thing to be fifty feet up in the air.

You want it.

So that it's up above the ground and lofty and catches the wind, but that it's beautiful.

And the twelve foot is the perfect size for home.

$79 is all it'll cost.

You it's a really really good deal show your pride show your spirit and remember either use it all the time and keep it up all the time or you can use it for holidays whatever.

And you can take it with you, which I really really love, never gets tangled with that.

Spin, it's, fantastic carrie mobley.

Appreciate you it really is.

Thank you darling.

Appreciate you being here all right? We'll.

See, you later, all right, we're gonna start walking and talking because we've got the hose deal.

This is our pick of the show it's our two pack.


What does eagle on top of flag pole mean? ›

Wherever the eagle is displayed, it means only one thing to all Americans: freedom. The eagle finial is atop the flagpoles in the offices of the President and Vice President, and the United States Army considers this flagpole finial the only one appropriate for Presidential flagpoles.

Which way should the eagle face on a flagpole? ›

While there is no official policy on the direction the eagle should face, many believe it should face toward Washington, DC in peacetime and in the direction of troops during wartime.

What does the spear flag pole topper mean? ›

This spike is called a “finial”, and it was used as a way of stabilising a flag during the “rough and tough” of battle, while also intimidating the enemy with its sharpness.

What is the biggest flagpole? ›

Cairo Flagpole

What are the 4 types of flag tops? ›

Four Types of Flag Finishes
  • Header & Grommets. The most common finish for an outdoor flag. ...
  • Pole Sleeve Open Top. A pole sleeve or pole hem is an alternative to header and grommets on an indoor or residential mounted flagpole. ...
  • Pole Sleeve Closed Top. ...
  • Hemmed on All Four Sides.
Aug 19, 2020

Is it OK to fly a 48 star American flag? ›

A: It is perfectly okay to use a Flag with 48 stars, or any other “official” Flag of the United States, during its progression to today. It is preferable to fly the current Flag, but not disrespectful or out of code to fly any of our country's official Flags.

Can the American flag be flown at night without a light? ›

Traditional guidelines call for displaying the flag in public only from sunrise to sunset. However, the flag may be displayed at all times if it's illuminated during darkness.

Are you supposed to take flag down in rain? ›

The flag should not be displayed on days when the weather is inclement, with the exception of an all-weather (nylon or other non-absorbent material) flag. However, most flags are made of all-weather materials.

Which flag should be raised higher and which flag should be to the right? ›

The American Flag should be flown higher than lesser flags. If the flags are displayed on the same level, the American Flag should be flown to the (flag's own) right of all other flags. The right is a position of prominence.

What is the rope on a flagpole called? ›

Halyard” is a fancy way of saying rope (in our case, flagpole rope). Most flagpole halyards are made of rope or cable. Some heavier-duty halyards are nylon with a cable core. And internal halyard poles use steel cable or rope.

What is the cap on top of a flagpole called? ›

A finial, or ornament, sometimes called a flagpole topper, is a decorative piece attached at the top of the flagpole, typically on top of the truck or as part of the truck. You can have everything from a gold ball or cross, to a majestic painted eagle as a finial.

What should be on top of a flagpole? ›

As with many of the traditions and customs associated with the display of the flag, the standard flagstaff topping ornaments in common use come from the assortment allowed by military regulations. These include the eagle, acorn, gilt lance, ball, gilt star (Navy), spear, or flat truck (Navy).

What is the strongest flag pole? ›

Extra heavy duty hurricane flag poles (Cross Reference: ECH, CESR) are designed for use in a variety of severe weather commercial applications and to meet wind ratings of at least 190 MPH. They are the strongest and most durable severe weather flag poles in the Admiral line.

Where is the largest flagpole in the United States? ›

Acuity Insurance Flagpole | Mortenson. Standing 400 feet tall, the new ACUITY Insurance Flagpole is the tallest flagpole in North America. Visible from a considerable distance, the flagpole is located on the company's headquarters campus along Interstate 43 between Milwaukee and Green Bay on Lake Michigan.

Can a flag be too big for a flagpole? ›

In many cases your flagpole may be equipped to fly 2 flags. The danger here is flying flags that are too big which puts a lot of stress on the flagpole and hardware which could lead to damage. First you need to know the maximum size flag your flagpole can fly and then determine the square feet of that size flag.

Why are there 52 stars on the American flag? ›

There are 50 stars representing the 50 states and there are 13 stripes representing the 13 original colonies. from The CIA World Factbook.

What is the hardest flag to design? ›

The five traditional carpet designs along the hoist make the flag of Turkmenistan the most complex national flag design in the world. They represent the five major tribes or houses, and form motifs in the country's state emblem and flag.

What do the 7 red stripes on the flag mean? ›

The stripes represent the original 13 Colonies and the stars represent the 50 states of the Union.

What does a ripped flag mean? ›

Although you might think flying your flag at times of celebration and mourning is a proper way to honor the country, raising torn flags is seen as incredibly disrespectful. When Old Glory is raised in such a manner, it is viewed as a dismantled piece of cloth other than a symbol of American pride.

What flags are illegal to fly? ›

Flags which cast contempt on U.S. flag are prohibited. Foreign flags on public property are prohibited. prohibits public display of other than the U.S. flag, a State flag, or flag of a friendly foreign nation.

Why are flags taken down at night? ›

According to the US Flag Code, all American flags should be displayed from sunrise to sunset every day. Lowering the flag at night is an ultimate sign of respect for Old Glory. But like many rules, there is an exception. You can keep your flag flying 24-hours if it is properly illuminated during all hours of darkness.

Can you unfold a military funeral flag? ›

Can you unfold the flag? Typically you will want to keep the flag folded. However, it is entirely proper to display or fly the United States flag – even a burial flag! To do so, you will want to use either a flagpole to fly it properly outdoors, or display it flat on a wall.

Do you have to shine a light on a flag? ›

To properly light your flag, the flag must be lit intentionally, using a dedicated light placed for that specific purpose. Individuals walking past the flag at night must be able to recognize it as the American flag. The installation of a flag light can help you to honor and illuminate your flag all year long.

At what wind speed do you take down the American flag? ›

If wind speeds go higher than 40 mph, it's time to take your flag inside until the weather calms down. If winds get high enough, you should also protect your flagpole. This would include bringing down your wall-mounted flagpole or lowering your telescoping flagpole.

Which side of porch to hang American flag? ›

It is traditionally flown either to the right or the left of the front door. It can be on either side. When there is a choice, find a position of prominence. Sometimes that is the left of the door, sometimes the right, sometimes away from the door, but centered on the house (when you have a porch, for example).

What does the American flag in a triangle box mean? ›

American Flag In Triangle Box Meaning

During a military funeral, a folded American flag is given to the next of kin or another family member as a keepsake. The flag is folded into a triangle to look like the hat that George Washington and other soldiers in the Continental Army wore during the Revolutionary War.

What does it mean when you hang the flag backwards? ›

Traditionally, the meaning of an upside-down American flag has always been that the person displaying the flag in this manner is in grave danger or distress, be it life danger or the danger to their property. Ultimately, the upside-down American flag is typically seen as a signal of dire distress.

What are the three rules about flying the American flag? ›

The flag should never be displayed with the union (stars) down, unless as a signal of dire distress. The flag should never touch anything beneath it, such as the ground, the floor, water, or merchandise. The flag should never be carried flat or horizontally, but always aloft and free.

What is the flag not allowed to touch? ›

§ 8.

(b) The flag should never touch anything beneath it, such as the ground, the floor, water, or merchandise. (c) The flag should never be carried flat or horizontally, but always aloft and free. (d) The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery.

What are the three types of flagpoles? ›

There are three types of flagpoles, “RESIDENTIAL”, “TELESCOPING” and “COMMERCIAL”. Commercial flagpoles are for both business and residential use. The commercial flagpole is much more durable than either residential or telescoping.

What is the plastic piece on the flagpole for? ›

Flag unfurlers keep your flag from untangling on the pole and being harmed. They allow the flag to follow the wind direction and not wrap itself around the flagpole.

What is the best type of rope to use for a flagpole? ›

The best option for flag halyard is a rope made from polyester. Polyester rope is superior to nylon rope for flagpole use with better resistance to abrasion, greater strength and better UV resistance.

What do you put at the bottom of a flagpole? ›

Dig a round hole 12 inches in diameter and 30 inches deep. Pour about 8 inches of small gravel in the bottom of the hole for drainage under the flagpole.

What does grommet mean on a flag? ›

The grommets or eyelets are small metal rings used to reinforce the holes in the header so it does not tear when the rope or halyard goes through it. The grommets are how the flag attaches to the flagpole.

What is it called when you raise a flag on a flagpole? ›

Hoisting involves tying the flag at the bottom of the flag pole and then raising it to the top.

What color is best for flagpole? ›

The most popular colors are silver, bronze, black, and white. You might want to choose one that matches the trim of your house or possibly the color of your fencing. The most common types of finishes on flagpoles are powder coating, painting, or anodizing.

Where is the best place to put a flag pole in your yard? ›

Choose a Location

Flagpoles are often placed close to the front door, but you may prefer a different spot. If your house has an island in the middle of a circular driveway, you may want to put the flagpole there. You don't want your flagpole to be significantly taller than your home.

How tall should a flag pole be in front of a house? ›

For a single-story home, home owners should consider a flagpole between 15' and 20' feet. For two or three level homes, consider a 20-25' foot flagpole. Structures greater than three-stories typically require a flagpole ranging from 25-30' feet and above.

Which flagpole will withstand the strongest wind? ›

Aluminum is one of the most preferred materials, but we'd say coated fiberglass flag poles are an excellent choice for areas with high winds. They are extremely durable and strong, lightweight, and with almost zero maintenance. What is more, they are said to withstand high winds.

Which is better a telescoping or sectional flag pole? ›

Sectional flagpoles are typically easier to transport and install than telescoping flagpoles, as they can be taken apart and reassembled at a new location. Telescoping flagpoles are typically easier to adjust the height of the flag being flown, as they can be extended or retracted as needed.

What flag flies the highest? ›

The U.S. flag should be raised first and lowered last. Other flags being displayed may be the same size and flown at the same height, but never higher nor larger than the American flag. To the right of the U.S. flag would be any state flag(s) in alphabetical order, then corporate or organization flags.

Who flies the largest American flag? ›

There was a flag flown one time that was larger that made the Guinness Book of World Records, but Big Betsy is the largest flag that flies currently and they fly her every 4th of July.

What was the largest American flag ever flown? ›

On May 1, 1996 the Superflag was hung at Hoover Dam. The Superflag is owned by Ski Demski and he displayed it to pay tribute to the Olympic torch as it was carried across the dam on its way to Atlanta. It was a one time event of flying this monster flag. So it holds the title of being the largest US flag ever flown.

How tall should an American flagpole be? ›

Ideally, the pole should be visible from all angles without interference from shrubbery, trees or other obstacles and looks neither too large nor too small for your home. The typical height for residential areas is 20 feet. If your home is two to three stories tall, you may want to consider a 25-foot flagpole.

Can you put 3 flags on flagpole? ›

Multiple flags may be displayed from the same flagpole. Other flags displayed with the U.S. flag may be of approximately equal size but may not be larger, and no other flag may fly above the flag of the United States.

What are the rules of a flagpole? ›

1. When displayed either horizontally or vertically against a wall, the union should be uppermost and to the flag's own right, that is, to the observer's left. When displayed in a window, the American flag should be displayed in the same way, with the union or blue field to the left of the observer in the street.

How much wind can my flagpole take? ›

It is recommended that no attempt should be made to hoist or fly a flag when conditions exceed 30 mph, wind force 6. Exposure to wind speeds 32-38mph, force 7 and above may cause irreversible damage to your flag and put excessive force on your flagpole.

What is the eagle holding on the American flag? ›

“The eagle displayed is the symbol of supreme power and authority, and signifies congress, and that the olive branch and arrows that it holds in its talons are the powers of peace and war” (Marcovitz, 25).

What is the flag with eagle? ›

The flag of American Samoa is a flag consisting of a red-edged white triangle pointing towards the hoist charged with a bald eagle clutching a war club and fly-whisk, with dark blue upper and lower triangles.

What bird symbol is on flags? ›

The eagle is the most usual bird on the flags. As an animal that stands out for its strength, it works as an icon for many fatherlands such as Zambia, Egypt, Kazakhstan or Mexico. However, we can find more “docile” birds like the Imperial Parrot (Dominica) or the Quetzal (Guatemala).

What does the eagle with 3 stars mean? ›

The grouping of three stars at the top of the design portrays the three Departments of the National Defense Establishment, Army, Navy, and Air Force. 3. The crest includes the American Bald Eagle, which is the symbol of the United States and air striking power.

What is the double-headed eagle holding? ›

The emblem of the double-headed eagle represents the alliance between the Quauhquecholteca and the Spanish. The eagle holds a Spanish sword in the talon on the right and an indigenous one on the left.

What does the symbol of the eagle mean? ›

They represent honesty, truth, majesty, strength, courage, wisdom, power and freedom. As they roam the sky, they are believed to have a special connection to God.

What side of the flagpole should the flag be on? ›

It should not be draped over a vehicle. When displayed with another flag against a wall from crossed staffs, the U.S. flag should be on its own right (left to a person facing the wall) and its staff should be in front of the other flag's staff.

What does the black eagle flag mean? ›

When people see it they know it means dignity." The flag was unveiled at the first mass meeting of the newly formed union. The symbolism of the flag: The black eagle signifies the dark situation of the farm worker. The Aztec eagle is an historic symbol for the people of Mexico.

What flag has an eagle V and I? ›

The US Virgin Island flag consists of a golden eagle stretched between the letters “V” and “I.” The eagle holds three arrows which symbolize the Islands of St. Thomas, St.

What flag has 2 deer and eagle? ›

"flag of Michigan".

What flag has 2 birds connected? ›

"flag of Albania".

What flag has 2 black birds? ›

Flag of Albania - Wikipedia.

What is the dark blue flag with a bird? ›

The Flag of sovereign Kazakhstan was officially adopted in 1992. It was designed by Shaken Niyazbekov. The State Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a rectangular breadth of blue colour with the image of the sun in its center with a soaring steppe eagle underneath.

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